Troy has been working with sound creation and manipulation for almost 2 decades, both as a hobby and in professional settings.

Troy is a card carrying member of the IGDA and Hand Eye Society in Toronto and co-owner of D.A.R.C. Productions Inc. A game entusiast, Troy creates sound design and composes music for independent game developers and animators the world over.

Troy can often be found capturing the sounds of everyday life with his wife and 5 year old son in the many parks, playgrounds and cul-de-sacs of Toronto.

“I live breathe and bleed game development!”

Troy Morrissey – Audio Designer

Indie Game Audio

“Troy knew what we needed before we did! Normally I wouldn’t admit that, but when dealing with someone so skilled I let them work their magic, and we loved the result.”

Ted Brunt, Sticky Brains Studios – Disney XD Bunks game

“Just listened to some of They Bleed Pixels mixes…and holy *#%! they’re awesome! They really bring out the visuals, I am extremely extremely pleased.”

Miguel Sternberg, Spooky Squid Games – They Bleed Pixels

“Troy created an incredible soundscape to our game “Strata”. His soundtrack ideas and results added a whole new dimension to the game.”

Eyal Assaf – Strata

“Without Troy, there is no doubt in my mind that I’d either still be working on audio or have released a game with subpar sound.”

Jason P. Kaplan – JPK Games – Flew The Coop

“Troy’s attention to detail both in final mix and in pre-production is second to none…”

Chris Sampson – A2 / TVA at CTV

Troy Morrissey
DARC Productions Inc.
twitter: @darcproductions


 Audio Design For Game Development

 Cost Effective Professional Audio
 Mobile/Handheld & Social Media
 Voice Over Recording & Recruiting
 Music Composition & Sound Design 
 Editing, Mixing & Mastering Services

Games In Progress

Frostfire Games, Evil Origins
Phantom Compass, Rollers of the Realm
Vagabond Dog, Always Sometimes Monsters
Big Pants Games, Endlight